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Gone are the days of freezing cold showers and faulty systems – with SA Plumbing & Electrical, we guarantee to get you back into hot water within 24 hours of your call! Our emergency service team specialise in a wide range of gas, electric, heat pump and solar hot water systems, so regardless of whether you’re a home or business, we can repair, replace, upgrade or install your hot water, and fast!

Did you know that majority of manufacturers recommend a service and inspection of your hot water system every 2 years? Scheduling regular maintenance checks with one of our trusted plumbing technicians ensures that any impending fault with your system is attended to and rectified according to manufacturer requirements, meaning that your system is always in operation, and you’re never left without.

Save yourself and your home hundreds of dollars in immediate and future running costs and damage, and call us if you’re experiencing or requiring any of the following:
No Hot Water

General 5-Year Service & Cleans

Repairs And Replacement Parts

Element Replacement

Thermostat Replacement

Leaking Cylinders

Leaking Or Faulty Valves (Pressure Limiting, Isolation, Expansion Control, Pressure Temperature Relief, Tempering, Etc)

Extinguished Pilot Light

Fluctuating Temperature

Tripping Safety Switch

Rust Coloured Water

Anode Replacement

Low Water Pressure

Unusual Sounds From Unit

Hot Water Rebates

Want to replace your old water heater and reduce your environmental impact at the same time? Government rebates may be available to certain South Australian’s who replace their existing electric hot water systems with a new solar or heat pump hot water system. An average home is expected to use 23% of its energy to heat water, meaning that homeowners are paying two costs – one for water usage, and another for the energy used to heat it. Reduce your running costs and contact us to see if you’re eligible to receive a Government Rebate.

To learn more about upgrading your hot water system, visit the website here, or check out a number of schemes listed below that could be available to you and your home today.

REES (Retailer Energy Efficiency Scheme):

REES is a South Australian Energy Efficiency Scheme that encourages South Australian home and business owners to move towards more energy-efficient hot water system. This scheme is available to households and businesses who have natural gas continuous flow, LPG continuous flow and solar & heat pump installations. The REES is a fantastic way to make energy savings more affordable, with the added contribution of reducing your greenhouse gas emissions.

Learn more about REES here.

Australian Gas Networks:

Australian Gas Networks offer a range of generous rebates to encourage South Australian households to connect to the natural gas network & convert their appliances:

  • $500 to convert a Category A Appliance (hot water, flued heater, ducted heater & pool/spa heater)
  • $100 to convert a Category B Appliance (cooker, BBQ, outdoor heater, etc)

They’re also offering an additional $500 new connection bonus to help reduce the cost of the initial connection from the meter to the home. For more information and to view a copy of their privacy act please click here.

STC (Small Scale Technology Certificates):

Small Scale Technology Certificates (STCs) are determined based on location, installation date, and amount of displaced MWh (Megawatt Hour) the solar or heat pump hot water has throughout its lifetime. As a Federal Government initiative, the price per certificate and the rebate amount we can provide changes regularly, therefore we recommend you check your eligibility or organising your quote by calling our team.

For more information, you can click here.

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