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Hot Water

For all your hot water needs visit our specialist hot water site to speak to our dedicated hot water team today! have been hot water specialists in Adelaide for over 20 years and can offer the best rebates available to South Australian customers. Head over to the site and get in touch with the expert sales team for a free, no-obligation quote!

Save yourself and your home hundreds of dollars in immediate and future running costs and damage, and call us if you’re experiencing or requiring any of the following:
No Hot Water

General 5-Year Service & Cleans

Repairs And Replacement Parts

Element Replacement

Thermostat Replacement

Leaking Cylinders

Leaking Or Faulty Valves (Pressure Limiting, Isolation, Expansion Control, Pressure Temperature Relief, Tempering, Etc)

Extinguished Pilot Light

Fluctuating Temperature

Tripping Safety Switch

Rust Coloured Water

Anode Replacement

Low Water Pressure

Unusual Sounds From Unit

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